It'll be really fun.

He went through many horrible days in the war.

If it rains tomorrow, we won't go.

I will lend you what little money I have now.

This film is a masterpiece.

He came across his old friend while walking in the park.

The results of the competition will be announced in a few moments.

You seem a kind man.

Galen wanted to get out of bed, but he couldn't.

I've already got a buyer lined up.


My uncle, who lives in Paris, came to see us.

Don't rush into the situation until you have all the details; hold your horses until you know where you are going.

Hunter doesn't always play by the rules.

Most people are not open to new values.

I told her what you did.

I wanted to rent a bus.

We have a black and white dog.


The voices of children playing were carried over by the wind.

This next song was written by our lead guitarist.

The witch brought the vampire back.

I asked for some time off.

Jacques asked me why I was here.

Did she look in her bag?

Let's decide what needs to be decided, then let's split into two teams, OK?

There must've been a mistake.

Rod does own a lot of cars.

I can't think of anything more depressing than that.

I was surprised when Donna said he was unhappy here.

She seems to have no interest in soccer.

He's not at home.

So what do I do?

Do it but now!

Sandeep told me I could find you here.

I have known her since she was a baby.

Garlic and onion are good remedies against the common cold.

You will tell me everything.

You met each other at the airport.

Does Marika watch Japanese films?

Hardly had he seen me when he ran away.

In my youth, I was wronged.

Just promise me you won't get angry.

Let's not go home.

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The drizzle turned into steady rain and we were soaked through by the time we got home.

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The day will soon come when there will be no more wars in the world.

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"How did you come up with that number?" "I don't know. I just made it up."

The priest blessed the marriage of the two.

The train is leaving in three minutes.

I left the rest to him and went out.

She is not jealous.

The sun has just risen.

How many elevators are there in this shopping mall?


In English, your answer can be 'correct' or 'incorrect'; but in Marathi, your answer can be 'wrong' or 'un-wrong'.


I searched all over for him.


Painting was the great love of his life.


What are we trying to do?


Scarcely an hour goes by that I don't I think of you with love.

I'd like you to have it.

Tor is boiling the potatoes to make potato salad.


We took refuge in a cave and waited for the storm to pass.


Except for one person, everybody went home.

I'm a member of Alcoholics Anonymous.

It hasn't been easy.

If he is not rich, he is at any rate happy.

If I were invisible I wouldn't have to dress myself.

The differences in gravity across Earth are called gravity anomalies.

Sridhar and Isabelle spent the summer together.

He abused our trust.

To edit a sentence, click on the pencil icon.

Let's find out who stabbed him.

I have great faith in you.

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Pandora became even more upset.

That boy runs very fast.

Will you talk to her?

It's not unusual for this kind of thing to happen.

We cry when we are very sad.

Nobody has been forgotten and nothing has been forgotten.

Leads certainly couldn't have thought up this plan by himself.

Buy the full version.

If you speak French, I won't understand.


Don't pry into my private life.

We were both silent for a long time.

You're too hard on yourself.

I'm sending Herbert to school in Boston.

He is an all-round man.

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I don't blame you for that.


Don't say anything to anybody about what I told you.

The children aren't capable of weighing complicated things.

Delete that picture.

I will finish it by tomorrow afternoon.

Do you know who brought that team into being?


Would you tell me your email address?

I have to take the chance.

We won the match by 10 to 4.


If you're interested in going camping with us, please let me know as soon as possible.

It is time you told her the truth.

The dress in the window caught my eye.


I kind of worry about stuff like that.

It was nothing short of wonderful.

My brother swims well.

We will take a quick break.

He's walking around in his underwear.

We went to Boston last summer.

Aren't you being a little paranoid?

He wasn't jumping on the bed.

I didn't know Wayne then.

I thought it was worth a try.

I feel better when I drink hot lemon juice.


I'll go anyway.

If it were so easy to take a house with you, I would at least have brought one with a kitchen and a bathroom.

He is anxious for her to come.

Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.

Nobody can know everything.

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You should do all you can to help your neighbors.


An accent can be either charming or irritating.


You can't marry William.

The hot weather turns milk.

It's cold here.

We're claustrophobic.

Most accidents happen around the corner.

This song is sad and beautiful.

Krzysztof was killed with an icepick.

Kerry has a closet full of trophies that he won at competitions.

You weren't particularly discreet, so it's no wonder you got caught.

Let's get a cab.

I'll sit with her.

if you want something, do whatever you need to do to get your hands on it.

There exist supernatural beings.


Olivier is used to walking long distances.

I have a hump.

Be cheerful! Add an exclamation mark to all of your sentences!

The problem is that people think we don't know what we're doing.

He came only as a witness to the light.

One beer, please!

Roxie was in the middle of nowhere.

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We wouldn't have asked Hsi to come if we didn't want him here.


How am I close to you?


Your feet are swollen because your shoes are too small.

The language in a society is never a detail.

Why are you making that face?


The question was discussed in detail.

What's the destination of this ship?

The rumor is believed to be true.


They usually went to the shopping mall on Monday.

I think your problem is that you don't listen carefully when people are explaining things.

I can't see the stage from this seat.

The two boys cooked their meal between them.

Tell her that I am fishing.

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This is the perfect Father's Day gift.

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We were really down.

Jagath has been to Boston only once.

I let him sleep at my house for the night.

Alfred got here three hours after Dwayne did.

It was spectacular.


I know that I don't deserve you.

You worked for Kuldip, didn't you?

We should guard against traffic accidents.


Last summer I had a chance to visit London.


I think you could probably get a job at our company.

I'd like you to translate this document into French.

He told me to give you this.

Do you think it's difficult to speak French?

Kuldip could've told me earlier.


Am I going to see you again?


You said I was lying.