He sprained his knee during a volleyball match.

Bread's in the oven.

The skin tightened as it dried.

The safeguard of the state shall be the supreme law.

I'm sure you'll all have a good time at the zoo tomorrow.

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Everyone here already seems to be with a partner... what am I going to do?


No, I don't understand Mrs. Kunze.

This cooking technique has passed into oblivion.

One of the men was wounded.

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She was one of the most beautiful girls.

That book may be obtained at a moment's notice.

What are you still doing up?


Do you think I'm qualified for that job?

Lynnette is a very ambitious person.

The most interesting information comes from children, for they tell all they know and then stop.

Troy stared silently at Nathaniel for several moments.

That child is sick and has been in the hospital since last Sunday.

"Wolf and Phill have been divorced for over three years." "Really? I had no idea."

My mother visits the dentist's every other day to get her teeth fixed.


Oliver left the radio on.

It was far too late.

The new, more diverse faculty groupings formulated a few rather left-field research questions.

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I needed a break.


Anonymity or detailed reference are both fine.


Is that a paper?

I've been waiting for half an hour.

I have to let Gretchen know when the meeting starts.


What were the symptoms?

He arrived with a trunk full of books.

There are several exits.

I assume you're referring to Wendi.

We're trying as hard as we can.

I'm supposed to eat with Sassan this evening.

Anton bent down to scratch the dog behind the ear.


Juliet wasn't planning to help, but Tal was.

The oil price is falling.

We should tell everyone what happened.


The situation has become hopeless.


The Queen's crown was made of gold.

Do you get paid for this?

You don't have to be here tomorrow.

Keep following me.

Where's the exit?

Don't go out because it is cold.

Dinner will be served on board the plane.

Take this piece of rubber hose.

The nuances of a language may seem arbitrary to someone learning the language, but to a native speaker, they make perfect sense.

She became a teacher when she was twenty.

Don't pass judgment too quickly.

The deadline is 2:30 on Monday.

I was late for the meeting with the result that I missed the most important part.

How did it feel when it happened?

Fighting the fading light he continued to count their names.


Do I have financial problems?

I often go to the sea.

She is very thoughtful and patient.

He would often come to see us when I was a child.

Axel and Merton will co-host the show.

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Let me pay part of the bill.


Birds sing.

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He's a little pale.

I told him what I saw.

The misery was too much for the readers to keep back their tears.

Why should it be any different now?

Ofer wears a gold wristwatch.

Tao has it wrong.

Did it ever occur to you that I might want to stay in Boston for a few more days?

Violence against anyone is unacceptable.

I was reading the book.


I'll have to go and see what I can do.

I think Joni is the one who'll win.

The priest pronounced them man and wife.


My car can beat yours.


Do be kind to your children!


The three men laughed.

The police followed a red herring while they let the true criminal escape.

Protons are made up of quarks.


Ning traveled all over the country.


I'm waiting for my mother.


Please take next Sunday off.

That thou art.

I am indifferent to flattery.


Linda was struck by lightning and died.

Tomas has helped the police with several major cases.

I saw a boy crossing the street.

I overslept and was not able to catch the bus.

Gregory only has 5 hit points left.


After the conversation ends, he says a friendly goodbye and wishes me a pleasant evening.

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I thought you weren't going to make it.


What must he have?

You should be safe there.

Thank you for cutting the dead tree in my garden.

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If Roberta didn't do it, then who did?


You're really the best when, and only when, it comes to angering people.


The meeting started with some general chit-chat to break the ice.

The hospital food wasn't as bad as I expected it to be.

Darrell nodded his head in agreement.


You can stay with us for the time being.

One of you two is going to have to go there.

I can only speak for myself.

Both Barney and Eva talked to me today about that.

I think it was one of those men that stole Rodney's camera.

I was interviewed for a job.

Just say no.

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You didn't say the magic word.

I'll stick around.

So what should I do?

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Bradford couldn't quite understand it.

Nobody wanted to trust my country.

Your shirt is inside out.

Glaciers, land ice and icebergs are made of fresh water.

I'm not feeling so hot myself.


She rides a motorcycle well.


Timothy acknowledged that he was hoping to become the new class president.

You haven't seen my cat?

Terry and George are in the same boat.


I already have an envelope.


I really regret having to say it to you.

Rudolf laughed like an idiot.

This is only half correct.

Make your move.

I borrowed those comics from his sister.

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German is Lichtenstein's official language.

She divorced her husband.

Karen likes to read in the evening.

That's what Steve wants.

Believe it or not, peaches and almonds are in the same family.

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Martha always seems to be smiling.

The driver does not have responsibility for the traffic accident.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the trust you've placed in me.


Anatoly didn't provide any details.

I would tend to disagree.

The car won't start because the battery has run down.

She has a ring worth more than she can imagine.

His eyes were dark.


It's strange that no one knows the victim.

What do you do exactly?

I have no place to keep my things.

I've got a connecting flight.

You need to lie still.

Biodiversity continues to decline each year.

She refused my invitation.

I know what you are planning to do and I'll do everything I can in order to prevent you reaching your goal.

I forgot that today was Saturday.

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Last Tuesday I visited the United States.

I fear that we are late.

The man brushes his teeth.

His hair was tousled.

You're thirty thousand dollars in debt.

Could you tell Wendi to come to work an hour early tomorrow?

He is as tall as her.

This train stops at all stations.

Does anybody here know him?

Julius's smiling face showed that she was happy.

I don't want them to take advantage of me.

He had an intense hatred of his teacher.

Tell them to be here by 2:30.